Tuesday, 22 November 2011

week 8 (30/10/11)

updated Chapter 1:
- objectives
- scope
- stakeholder
- significance

1.5 Objectives:
·         To describe viewpoint requirement concept
·         Literature review of viewpoint requirements
·         To identify and analyze the pattern from existing hotel and homestay websites based on viewpoint
·         Matrix of features related for eHomestay from stakeholder perspectives
·         To develop eHomestay information architecture model based on viewpoint requirement
·         Template for eHomestay

1.6 Scope
This study will provide the functional and non-functional requirement for eHomestay based on viewpoint requirement concept. The non-functional requirement only focuses on the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) aspect. As for applying viewpoint requirement, the scope within boundary is the stakeholder of eHomestay. This study is for the local homestay operators as one of the initiatives to promote their place to the tourists.

1.7 Stakeholders
The Malaysian Ministry of Rural and Regional Development
-          Can provide the standardize eHomestay for the local homestay operators
Owner of homestay operator
-          Have the guidelines of the basic website knowledge to implement in their eHomestay
Customer of the homestay
-          Have the medium to stay connected and updated with the homestay operator
-          Easily find the desired places for vacation
Students conducted homestay program
-          Can easily find the places for their program
The visitor of eHomestay
-          Find new places to discover

1.8 Significance
1.8.1 Researcher
For the researcher mostly people who get involved in this study directly or indirectly such as the homestay operator, internal and external user or basically the stakeholders, because from here they can learn new knowledge related for eHomestay development.
1.8.2 Practitioner
As for the practioner, the ministry who take charged for homestay that is The Malaysian Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, as well as homestay operator that who intended to have their own homestay website and the eHomestay visitors. 

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